Fatal Attraction leads at Solomons

August 22, 1991|By Nancy Noyes | Nancy Noyes,Special to The Sun

SOLOMONS -- When racing ended yesterday afternoon, this year's Audi-Yachting Race Week at Solomons Island passed the half- way point, and the competition and speculation were heating up. Who would ultimately win the overall Audi Quattro and Yachting Magazine Chelsea Clock performance trophies?

Racing on a three-lap, 18-mile, windward-leeward course began in cooperative northwesterly winds of about 15 knots, but as the temperatures rose, the wind dropped and shifted until, by the race's end, it had come clockwise nearly 180 degrees and was virtually gone.

"It started off kind of breezy and then it began to oscillate," said Mike Ironmonger, skipper of the St. Mary's College team aboard the school's Briand 50, Gem, which held on to win.

"It really was confusing. It's generally not a good idea to tack a 50-footer four times in five minutes, but we didn't know what else to do. Then it really got light, and on the [downwind] run we sailed a long way at one knot. There was a little wind out there, but we had to go looking for it."

Leading Division B for one of the overall trophies for the five-day series that ends tomorrow is the Norfolk, Va., team of Gray Kiger and Gene Thayer on their Tripp 40, Fatal Attraction, with three first places.

"We took the gun for the first time today," Kiger said. "It was awesome. We have a great boat, a great crew, and great tactics."

Division A PHRF (10 starters)--1. Gem, Mike Ironmonger, St. Mary's City, 4:15:31 c.t.; 2. Chesapeake, Seward Lawlor, Hampton, Va., 4:16:18 c.t.; 3. Patriot, Larry Lehner, York, Pa., 4:22:47 c.t.; 4. Tigress, Bob Waldschmitt, Solomons, 4:24:03 c.t.; 5. Kapey, Steve Perkins, Berwyn, Pa., 4:24:45 c.t.; 6. Loose Change, Becky Miller, Hampton, Va., 4:24:52 c.t.; 7. Sundog, Paul Parks, Shady Side, 4:26:13 c.t.; 8. Inside Trader, Trevor Underwood, New York, NY, 4:30:57 c.t.; 9. Sweet Witch, Brent Halsey, Richmond, Va., 4:32:31 c.t.; 10. Blizzard, J. Lipscomb/G. Garrett, Richmond, Va., 4:37:25 c.t.

Division B IMS (13 starters)--1. Fatal Attraction, Gray Kiger/Gene Thayer, Norfolk, Va., 2:00:57 c.t.; 2. Sea Star, Vernon Eberwine Jr., Suffolk, Va., 2:03:34 c.t.; 3. Crescendo, Stephen Hiltabidle, Annapolis, 2:06:33 c.t.; 4. Promises, Sledd Shelhorse, Virginia Beach, Va., 2:07:49 c.t.; 5. Revenge, Bill Peach, Newport News, Va., 2:08:40 c.t.; 6. Kahuna, Sanford Richardson, Virginia Beach, Va., 2:09:19 c.t.; 7. Ichiban, Jim Allsopp, Arnold, 2:12:37 c.t.; 8. Rayzor's Edge, Ray Webb/David Van Cleef, Lexington, Ky., 2:15:55 c.t.; 9. [TIE] Yellow Jacket, Mark Bennett Jr., Annapolis, 2:26:38 c.t.; and Southern Exposure, Kemper Sarrett, Hampton, Va., 2:26:38 c.t.; 11. Battlewagon, John Hanna, Seaford, Va., 2:32:03 c.t.; 12. Cash Flow, Lloyd Griffin, Elizabeth City, NC, 2:40:23 c.t.; 13. Sounion, Charles Sullivan, University Park, 3:02:28 c.t.

Division C PHRF (10 starters)--1. Witch, Glenn Robbins, Severna Park, 4:22:35 c.t.; 2. Firebrand, James Rogers, Richmond, Va., 4:28:33 c.t.; 3. Madam X, Jerry Dowling/Orion Syndicate, Philadelphia, Pa., 4:35:50 c.t.; 4. Blue Max, Paul Mraz, Elkton, 4:43:39 c.t.; 5. Shamrock, Bob Rock, Richmond, Va., 4:45:29 c.t.; 6. Chunky, Richard Schmidtlein, Annapolis, 4:46:27 c.t.; 7. Prelude, Mark Myers, St. Mary's City, 4:49:42 c.t.; 8. Cody, Sandy Morse, Washington, DC, 5:01:05 c.t.; 9. Ka Boom, Jeff Craig, Nokesville, Va., 5:09:28 c.t.; 10. Vamp, William Nicolls III, Newport News, Va., 5:09:51 c.t.; Ariel, Richard Gaglio, Chalfonte, Pa., DNS.

Division D PHRF (12 starters)--1. Stingray, Bob Muller, Annapolis, 4:28:37 c.t.; 2. Mirage, David Lewis/Fred Salvesen, Annapolis/Edgewater, 4:36:35 c.t.; 3. Irresponsible, Joseph Matera, Kensington, 4:47:52 c.t.; 4. Rubadubdub, Alex Schlegel, West River, 4:49:02 c.t.; 5. Kruggerand, Trover/Hodan, Dahlgren, 4:51:54 c.t.; 6. PollyWannaCracka?, Larry Kumins, Annapolis, 4:52:56 c.t.; 7. Goldfish, Donald Zinn, Annapolis, 4:53:40 c.t.; 8. Terrific, Olaf tom-Felde, Annapolis, 4:54:12 c.t.; 9. Busted, Thomas Whittle, Chester, Va., 4:56:21 c.t.; 10. Good Times, Bill Schwarz, Randallstown, 4:57:14 c.t.; 11. Rhumb Punch, John Edwards III, 4:57:49 c.t.; 12. Priority One, Ron Spicuzza, California, 4:59;26 c.t.; Persuasion, David Kiernan, Washington, DC, DNS.

Division E PHRF (13 starters)--1. Cool Change, Rusty Burshell, Grafton, Va., 4:41:05 c.t.; 2. Ciao, Jim Cullen, Annapolis, 4:44:47 c.t.; 3. Slick, Dean Mulder, Bowie, 4:44:58 c.t.; 4. Vertwo, John & ,, Betty Scott, Towson, 4:45:06 c.t.; 5. Flying Circus, Jervis Dorton, Columbia, 4:46:23 c.t.; 6. Southerly, Fred Sage, Newport News, Va., 4:46:26 c.t.; 7. Kestrel, Stewart Buckler Jr., Avenue, 4:58:24 c.t.; 8. Puffin, Rob Mairs, Edgewater, 5:00:31 c.t.; 9. Midnight Express, Darryl Greb, Dameron, 5:08:01 c.t.; 11. Crazy Ivan, Jeffrey Harris, Edgewater, 5:08:03 c.t.; 12. Paradox, M.T. Blackwood, Richmond, Va., 5:12:11 c.t.; Eight Ball, David Huff, Hampton, Va., RET.

Division F PHRF (9 starters)--1. Chardonnay, Russ Deane, Annapolis, 3:23:10 c.t.; 2. Satori, Richard May, 3:26:41 c.t.; 3. Marmalade, Mark Hergan, St. Mary's City, 3:36:56 c.t.; 4. Bon Temps, David Butler, Hollywood, 3:39:46 c.t.; 5. Chandelle, Barney Hathaway, Great Mills, 3:40:03 c.t.; 6. Fubar, John Weir, Lexington Park, 3:42:59 c.t.; 7. Pegasus, Steven Watkins, Dahlgren, Va., 3:59:39 c.t.; 8. The Baby, Rob & Sue Sloan, California, 4:11:12 c.t.; 9. Chareta II, Charles Crawford Jr., Solomons, 4:21:47 c.t.

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