Brian and O'Brien may return

August 22, 1991

You weren't falling asleep at the wheel when you heard the voices of Brian and O'Brien this morning on AM/FM stations WYST (1010 AM and 92.3 FM), now known as 92 Q. They are on the air in a recorded format, said Bill Hooper, general manager.

The raucous team of Brian Wilson and Don O'Brien was once the top-rated morning drive program at WBSB-FM (B-104). Baltimore's bad boys of the airwaves, they threw insults at radio listeners. The two eventually split after Wilson left WBSB in May 1988. O'Brien was fired in March 1989.

Brian and O'Brien's on-again, off-again relationship could, well, be on again. Hooper said the radio station has been in contact with Wilson, who's working for an Atlanta-based radio station. "We're certainly talking to him on a daily basis," he said. "I don't want to promise something we can't pull off."

O'Brien has been anchoring WYST's weekday morning program. O'Brien couldn't be contacted because he was on a train to New York to discuss the teaming with Steve Kingston, a consultant involved in designing the new format. Kingston, the program director of New York's highly-rated Z-100, originally teamed the two at WBSB in 1984.

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