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August 21, 1991

Sykesville town manager Jim Schumacher and resident Jonathan Herman came to the monthly Board of Health meeting Thursday looking for help.

Herman, who is restoring his historic home in the Hawk Ridge Farms subdivision, asked the board and county commissioners Donald Dell and Elmer Lippy to approve a new sewer tap for the single-family home.

"We are ready to hook up right now," said Herman. "We were not supposed to get a tap until phase three of the development began, but that could be one or two years down the road. In the meantime, I wouldhave to put in a septic system until that time."

Because the water treatment plant in Sykesville is operating at capacity, Herman is unable to secure a sewer tap on his own.

"There are no more allocations. The plant is at capacity," said Charles Zeleski, assistant director of the Bureau of Environmental Health. "What Mr. Herman needs todo is seek out an unused tap that is already allocated to a developer. Then, when the treatment plant is complete (September 1992), the developer could get a sewer tap in place of the one he gave up."

The board agreed with this recommendation and urged Herman to pursue it.

In other business, Tom Criswell, development supervisor for the Bureau of Environmental Health, asked the board to forgo a hydrogeological study for the Life's Dream development on Meadow Branch Road off Route 97.

"There are six lots on this site averaging 5 to 6 acres in size. We do not feel that for this size a study needs to be done. There is no congestion; therefore, there would be no problem with one guy's septic contaminating another guy's well," Criswell said.


The county commissioners voted Monday to rezone 5.2 acres in Finksburg near the Liberty Reservoir from conservation to industrial, even though the County Planning and Zoning Commission recommended against the request.

In their decision, the commissioners said a "mistake" was made when the property was originally zoned. The industrial district should have been expanded further, the decision said.

Reservoir protection efforts, which had begun in the early 1980s, will be effective even if the property is rezoned, said the decision. The rezoning also is consistent with the Finksburg Comprehensive Plan, it said.

A past Board of County Commissioners rejecteda similar request in 1983, largely because of the parcel's proximityto the reservoir. The land is north of Route 140, east of Route 91. Carroll Circuit Court upheld the commissioners' decision in a 1985 ruling.

County health and water resource agencies opposed the request. A Baltimore watershed management director also expressed concern about the rezoning at a May hearing. The reservoir supplies drinking water to Baltimore.

"As long as we use protective measures, we thought it was appropriate" to rezone the property," said Commissioner Julia W. Gouge.

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