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August 21, 1991

City lacks a complete transit plan

A Forum correspondent asked, "Another transit system?" (Aug. 8) in commenting on the proposal to build a monorail from the new stadium to Harborplace. He went on to point out that the subway, light rail and monorail don't interconnect at any point.

Local transportation facilities have been built to design standards with the least political and community resistance and are only vaguely related to long-range, comprehensive land use and transportation projections. Professional planners are disdained by the public that pays them. "Not in my backyard" is the cry at public hearings.

The long-range, comprehensive plan for the Baltimore region is comatose. The region is growing in a piecemeal fashion without regard to how each piece fits into the whole. Washington, Atlanta, Miami, San Francisco built their rapid rail transit according to complete plans.

If ever there was a time to analyze where we have come and where we are going, it is surely now.

Vernon Lentz


Gays and lefties

In court, the strategy of the defense often is to discredit the prosecution's star witness. Ronald Hube tries that with his comparison of homosexuality and left-handedness ("Those sinister gays," Other Voices, Aug. 13). He sets out to promote the idea that the Bible speaks against left-handed people.

His first example is the Old Testament passage where God tells Jonah that the wicked people of Nineveh cannot discern their left hand from their right. This scripture may cast aspersions on the Ninevites' intelligence, but there is no allusion to left-handed people being accursed.

Mr. Hube's second example of "left-handed bias" comes from the Book of Matthew, where God, judging the nations, says he will place the blessed on his right hand and the damned on the left. Again, this verse has nothing to do with one hand being exalted over the other, but rather with the certainty of God's judgment and subsequent separation of the blessed and the damned.

If Mr. Hube is waiting for the Bible to change its position on the immorality of homosexuality, he will literally be waiting until doomsday.

James R. Cook


Above the law?

Jeane P. Ryan (Forum, Aug. 13) states that abortion is neither a religious issue nor an issue for the legislature or courts.

She presents no facts to support this statement except to say that the issue concerns women, which doesn't throw much light on the subject.

Since when are women above and beyond religion and the law?

Blanche K. Coda



Gov. William Donald Schaefer once again has become embroiled in controversy, as a result of the recent actions of Annapolis Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins.

Recently, Hilda Mae Snoops, the friend of the governor, became ill. State House detail called for an ambulance from the city of Annapolis. That request was denied by Fire Capt. George Sherlock. However, he was overruled by the power of Annapolis Mayor Hopkins. Mayor Hopkins stated he was not aware of the guidelines related to the use of ambulances in nonemergency cases.

As a result, Mrs. Snoops was transported to Baltimore by an emergency ambulance, equipped with life-saving devices. However, Annapolis city records show that Mrs. Snoops' transport was classified as a "priority 3," ` meaning her classification was not an emergency.

The citizens of Annapolis and Maryland should demand a full investigation and a reprimand for Mayor Hopkins. It is situations of this type that give Maryland politics a dirty name. Suppose another citizen needed this emergency ambulance in a life-and-death drama. Or could it be that indeed someone on that particular night did need emergency ambulance care? xTC Favoritism continues to be in vogue in Free State politics.

John A. Micklos


Share the luck

As the lottery hit $14 million on Wednesday of last week and $20 million on Saturday, one could only dream of winning such a prize. But for hundreds or thousands of low-income families in Baltimore, such a dream will never be achieved. These poor people are gambling away the few dollars they have and taking opportunities away from their children.

I sincerely hope the winner will give some of that money to charity so some others may benefit from his luck.

Justin M. Mascari


Upset at Israel

The world is upset again with Israel over the "treatment of the Arabs in the liberated territory."

Long before the modern state of Israel, we Jews upset the world. We upset the German people, who elected Hitler. We upset the Crusaders, who on their way to liberate the Holy Land slaughtered tens of thousands of us. Now the world is deeply angered over the fact that Israel does not give back the lands liberated in 1967.

If the fact that Israel will do everything it must to remain alive and prosper bothers you, dear world ` well, here is one Jew who could not care less.

Jack Vineberg


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