Environmental activists back Schmoke, Clarke

August 21, 1991|By Martin C. Evans

A coalition of environmental activists said yesterday that it will urge its 8,000 Baltimore members to vote for candidates the coalition believes will address urban environmental issues such as lead paint poisoning, recycling and emissions from the Pulaski Highway incinerator.

The coalition -- which includes the Sierra Club and Clean Water Action -- endorsed Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke and City Council President Mary Pat Clarke for re-election. It backed Councilman Joseph T. "Jody" Landers III, D-3rd, for comptroller.

"There is a real chance for real progress against environmental problems in the city if these people are elected," said Daniel L. Jerrems, chairman of the Baltimore Recycling Coalition.

The coalition interviewed candidates on such issues as recycling, protection of city parkland and the harvesting of trees from the city's watershed properties. Its endorsement could be significant, particularly in close races, because its members usually are more politically active than the typical voter and more likely to go to the polls.

The coalition's endorsements for the council include:

* 1st District: John Cain, Nicholas C. D'Adamo Jr., Perry Sfikas.

* 2nd District: Peter Beilenson, Anthony J. Ambridge, Carl Stokes.

* 3rd District: Linda C. Janey, Martin O'Malley, Maegertha "Mary" Whittaker.

* 4th District: Lawrence A. Bell, Sheila Dixon, Agnes B. Welch.

* 5th: no endorsement.

* 6th District: Timothy D. Murphy, Edward L. Reisinger III, Melvin L. Stukes.

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