Esprit ads invite flak

August 21, 1991

Esprit, the San Francisco-based women's and children's clothing company, is launching a new advertising campaign that's sure to cause talk. Under a headline asking, "What would you do?" the first ad answers: "Keep a woman's right to choose unless George Bush is free to baby-sit. Rachel Hirsch, Massachusetts." A photo of Hirsch, wearing what could be a maternity top, is to the right of her quote. Hirsch isn't pregnant and is actually wearing a trendy "big top."

"What would you do?" is the theme of the $8 million campaign on MTV and in 11 major television markets. It appears in September magazines and store displays.

Replies to that question featured in the ad series were chosen from the more than 3,000 Esprit customers who responded to an invitation in the spring catalog asking, "If you could change the world, what would you do?," says Sandra Ranke, Esprit spokeswoman.

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