Grant Flanagan's wish* On Aug. 6, I was afforded the...

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August 20, 1991

Grant Flanagan's wish

* On Aug. 6, I was afforded the privilege of presenting the Peak Performer Award to one who is truly among the Orioles' all-time greatest -- Mike Flanagan. Dumbfounded and in awe, I do not think I properly expressed my gratitude as a fan for what he has given to Baltimore.

Among those who have worn the Orioles uniform, there are a few who have endeared themselves to fans with charm, grace, excellence afield and dedication to the game. Winning a Cy Young Award ensured his place in baseball history, but Mike won his place in our hearts by showing us courage.

It would be a fitting reward for the contributions he has made to Orioles baseball to grant Mike's wish to pitch the last game at Memorial Stadium. For the fans, it would truly make this a Season to Remember.

Bob Amaro

Ellicott City

Jeff Robinson hurt club

* * I noticed in a recent Evening Sun story that Jeff Robinson was quoted as saying, "I've pitched in pain for three weeks." He also partly blamed his demotion on an incentive clause in his contract (20 starts equals $25,000), and the Orioles' unwillingness to allow him to reach that 20th start.

I feel that any pitcher (knowing he's not 100 percent) is a detriment to a team in desperate need of quality, consistent starting pitching. Why didn't Jeff Robinson disclose his injury? It may have meant a little time on the disabled list, but at least he would've been 100 percent healthy.

It kind of makes me wonder who really held the incentive clause as a major priority. I have my opinion, but, "Say it ain't so, Jeff."

John P. Williams


Save stadium eulogies

* The power of nostalgia is fascinating to behold. I refer to the public's current love affair with Memorial Stadium in her last moments. I recall as a small boy in 1954 the criticisms heaped upon her, even then, that continued unabated into the 1980s when it was decided a new facility was in order.

There were steep pedestrian ramps, too few restrooms and concession stands, uncomfortable seating, bad acoustics and poor ingress/egress. This is not to mention that the place also has all the ambience of a concrete tomb.

Can all of these shortcomings, past and present, really be a part of the sacred cow being doted upon? With a possible exception of past glories on its playing field, her significant legacy has been the realization of a replacement at Camden Yards.

Joseph L. Bishop


Hemond gets an 'F'

* The local press has been extremely quiet regarding Orioles general manager Roland Hemond and his accomplishments. Is it that you recognize that he is a figurehead for team president Larry Lucchino? When the three pitchers were demoted two weeks ago, the quotes were all attributed to Lucchino.

At the time of the All-Star Game, there was some criticism because several former Birds appeared. Yet you had a July article defending the Glenn Davis trade. Wrong. It was a bad trade because of the following:

1.) Randy Milligan had a pretty decent 1990. Plus one of the best prospects, David Segui, is also a first baseman.

2.) The Orioles gave up three young players -- though the front office had soured on Pete Harnisch -- for a player who will be a free agent in October.

Hemond's White Sox connection is a further embarrassment. The one player who could have helped win the 1989 AL East (and who knows what else?), Roland let be traded twice in the past three years. What an addition Harold Baines could have made to this club, past and future.

The question remains: Why have you been so lenient with Hemond? Where is his report card?

J.B. Herron


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