Fatal Attraction wins by 1 second Division B IMS closest of race week openers

August 20, 1991|By Nancy Noyes | Nancy Noyes,Special to The Sun

SOLOMONS -- With Hurricane Bob safely north of the Chesapeake Bay well before the start of racing yesterday, the third annual Audi-Yachting Race Week at Solomons Island was off to a nearly perfect start, with moderate and relatively steady breezes and flat water to assist the fleet of 71 starters around the course.

Although heavier air from the passing storm had been expected, winds were 17 to 18 knots out of the northwest at the 10 a.m. start, and dropped off gradually into the 8- to 10-knot range while shifting gradually to the west, persistently favoring the left side of the beats on the flat triangular course.

Five of the six classes sailed the course three times, for a total distance of 18.9 miles. Class F, containing the smallest boats competing in the regatta, sailed only two times around, making theirs a 12.6-mile contest.

Close competition in all the classes was the order of the day, but no race was closer than that for the top of Division B IMS, where the team of Gray Kiger and Gene Thayer on their Tripp 40 Fatal Attraction topped Jim Allsopp and his crew on his Holland 50 Ichiban by one second on corrected time.

"That's too close," said North Hampton sailmaker Ken Saylor, a member of the Fatal Attraction team. "Jim's going to be tough to beat. He didn't make any mistakes today."

Saylor said that although the boat is new, the team's participation in Audi-Yachting Race Week in Block Island earlier this summer, in which they placed second, was an important factor in the day's results.

"We learned a lot about the boat at Block Island, sailing against four other Tripp 40s," he said.

For Severna Park sailor Glenn Robbins and his team on his Farr 37 Witch, the day showed that going by the book can pay off big when they won the 11-boat Class C by a comfortable margin of just over 3 1/2 minutes.

"Everything went right today," Robbins said. "We followed the predicted wind lifts, stayed to the left, and we were first at every mark but the finish, and there we were going for first, not the gun."

Robbins said the keys to yesterday's success included great crew work and plenty of preparation.

"We did all the things that the books tell you to do ahead of time," he said. "It was a good day."

Racing on the Chesapeake near the mouth of the Patuxent River continues through Friday.

Division A PHRF (10 starters): 1. Chesapeake, H. Seward Lawlor, Hampton, Va., 3:05:55 c.t.; 2. Gem, Mike Ironmonger, St. Mary's City, 3:08:10 c.t.; 3. Sundog, Paul Parks, Shady Side, 3:08:19 c.t.; 4. Inside Trader, Trevor Underwood, New York, 3:10:59 c.t.; 5. Tigress, Bob Waldschmitt, Solomons, 3:11:35 c.t.; 6. Sweet Witch, Brent Halsey, Richmond, Va., 3:11:38 c.t.; 7. Patriot, Larry Lehner, York, Pa., 3:12:22 c.t.; 8. Loose Change, Becky Miller, Hampton, Va., 3:13:13 c.t.; 9. Kapey, Steve Perkins, Berwyn, Pa., 3:14:02 c.t.; 10. Blizzard, J. Lipscomb/G. Garrett, Richmond, Va., 3:15:16 c.t.

Division B IMS (13 starters): 1. Fatal Attraction, F. Kiger, E. Thayer, Norfolk, Va., 1:57:00 c.t.; 2. Ichiban, Jim Allsopp, Arnold, 1:57:01 c.t.; 3. Crescendo, Stephen Hiltabidle, Annapolis, 1:58:01 c.t.; 4. Promises, Sledd Shelhorse, Virginia Beach, Va., 1:58:41 c.t.; 5. Sea Star, Vernon Eberwine Jr., Suffolk, Va., 2:00:57 c.t.; 6. Rayzor's Edge, Ray Wood/David Van Cleef, Lexington, Ky., 2:01:40 c.t.; 7. Revenge, Bill Peach, Newport News, Va., 2:01:51 c.t.; 8. Battlewagon, John Hanna, Seaford, Va., 2:03:56 c.t.; 9. Sounion, Charles Sullivan, University Park, 2:04:22 c.t.; 10. Kahuna, Sanford Richardson, Virginia Beach, Va., 2:04:32 c.t.; 11. Southern Exposure, K.D. Sarrett Jr., Hampton, Va., 2:05:45 c.t.; 12. Yellow Jacket, Mark Bennett Jr., Annapolis, 2:05:46 c.t.; 13. Cash Flow, Lloyd Griffin, Elizabeth City, N.C., 2:06:01 c.t.

Division C PHRF (11 starters): 1. Witch, Glenn Robbins, Severna Park, 3:08:23 c.t.; 2. Prelude, Mark Myers, St. Mary's City, 3:12:01 c.t.; 3. Vamp, William Nicolls, Newport News, Va., 3:12:04 c.t.; 4. Firebrand, James Rogers, Richmond, Va., 3:13:43 c.t.; 5. Cody, Sandy Morse, Washington, DC, 3:14:29 c.t.; 6. Madam X, Jerry Dowling/Orion Syndicate, Philadelphia, 3:15:57 c.t.; 7. Chunky, Richard Schmidtlein, Annapolis, 3:16:36 c.t.; 8. Blue Max, Paul Mraz, Elkton, 3:21:00 c.t.; 9. Shamrock, Bob Rock, Richmond, Va., 3:30:40 c.t.; 10. Ka Boom, Jeff Craig, Nokesville, Va., 3:32:48 c.t.; 11. Ariel, Richard Gaglio, Chalfonte, Pa., 4:04:38 c.t.

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