Winning Double Triple ticket nets Baltimorean $158,247

August 18, 1991|By Special to The Sun

LAUREL -- Alice Thomas of Baltimore had the only winning ticket and collected Laurel's $158,247.90 Double Triple yesterday.

Thomas, 53, a horse player for 30 years, said she wasn't sure what she would do with her winnings.

"I have no idea. I'll be back. . . . That's probably where it will go, back to the track. Not all of it, but part of it," said Thomas, who works at American Trade Binders.

Thomas invested $21 in the third race, the first half of the Double Triple.

"I had one exchange ticket going into the second half [fifth race], and I almost threw that away," she said.

Thomas said she didn't even realize immediately how much she'd won.

"I thought it was only $15,000 until I got to the window and he [the mutuel clerk] put it through," Thomas said.

"They [the clerks] are more excited than I am. I hit an $887 exacta once, but nothing like this."

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