Give that Rex a contractAn, the joys of summer! Those...


August 18, 1991

Give that Rex a contract

An, the joys of summer! Those pleasant days of sun, fun and Orioles baseball. There's nothing better than a summer evening listening to the incomparable Chuck Thompson broadcasting an victory. That is, however, with one grand exception. That exception -- the pre- and post-game call-in shows done by a true gentleman, Mr. Rex Barney.

Listening and enjoying Mr. Barney on countless summer nights is a treat. It is enjoyable and enlightening to hear Rex share his vast knowledge of our grand game. My admiration for Mr. Barney, however, goes far beyond his keen insights. The sincere, gentlemanly qualities he constantly displays when speaking with callers, be they young or old, are what I find most commendable.

These remarkable traits are particularly evident when speaking with young baseball fans. When other local call-in hosts tend to be abrasive and, at times, even insulting when dealing with those questions posed by youngsters, Rex handles these same callers with an understanding and gentleness that is most extraordinary. This same courteous nature is equally apparent when reminiscing with older fans of the game.

In the world of professional sports, one wrought by selfishness and greed, Mr. Barney is indeed a refreshing change. For his sincerity, his discernment, his kindness, I most earnestly say -- Hey, Rex, Thank yoooou!!

Christer Cheswick

Catonsville As an American who is very knowledgeable about English soccer, I have to disagree with Rachel Conlin's letter of June 30.

Would Sheffield Wednesday play the Maryland Bays at the same intensity level as shown against Manchester United in the League Cup final?

Why don't the Bays, as champions of the United States, play in the annual CONCACAF Club Champions Cup tournament, which involves the league champions from the entire CONCACAF region? I really think the Bays should enter this tournament, as it would definitely provide them with great competition, especially since they cannot participate in the European tournaments. In this matter, we can then find out how good the Bays really are, instead of having them play exhibitions.

Edward O'Rourke

Glen Burnie

A name born every minute

I have a name for the new stadium that has not been suggested before, and since I did not see it in Mike Littwin's column of July 7, I thought I'd throw my suggestion into the outfield.

First, the reasons for my suggestion. It would be named for the politicians, who were stupid enough to be blackmailed by the late Mr. E.B. Williams into building the stadium. It would be named for the overtaxed citizens of this state, who will be paying the bill for many years down the road in the form of taxes. Last but not least, it would be named for the fans, who will be the biggest losers. They will be paying by being charged inflated prices for already overpriced concession items, for the privilege of parking, outlandish prices for tickets, etc.

My suggestion for a name for the new stadium -- Sucker Stadium.

Wayne Spangler


Call it what it is

Why not name the stadium for what is truly is? Millionaire's Playground.

F. Vernon Rohrs Timonium

Cite city

Whatever name is given to the new stadium, it must be preceeded by the word Baltimore. There must be no mistaking where the news comes from as Orioles results are flashed around the country. I don't approve of naming it after Babe Ruth, because he is identified with New York, and the suggested Camden name can be confused with New Jersey, South Carolina, etc.

But whatever name is given; Babe Ruth, Camden, Oriole, Memorial, etc., it must be "Baltimore (fill in the blank) Stadium."

Identifying the stadium with the team's home city becomes even more important now that "Baltimore" no longer appears on the uniforms.

Harry E. Bennett Jr.


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