No more snippy benchings: Mattingly gets hair trimmed

Baseball notes

August 18, 1991

The most publicized haircut in recent memory took place yesterday afternoon at Yankee Stadium, when Don Mattingly finally had his brown locks snipped.

Mattingly had about an inch of hair removed by bullpen catcher )) Carl Taylor, so "it wouldn't fly around" when he is playing.

jTC First baseman Mattingly had been benched Thursday by the Yankees, who said the length of his hair violated team policy.

Taylor layered the top, did not cut the sides and clipped the part of Mattingly's hair that curled in the back during the 30-minute haircut. Mattingly, who afterward did not look that different, saved the small clump of brown hair and said he may have it auctioned off at a later date, with the money going to charity.

* WHITE SOX: The club will raise most ticket prices by $2 for their second season in the new Comiskey Park, putting them among the most expensive in baseball.

Club-level box seats, sold only as season tickets, will go from $16 to $18 -- second only to Montreal's $22. Reserved bleacher seats will go from $6 to $8, the most expensive "cheap seat" in the majors.

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