Name: Jacqueline L. NolfHonored by The Carroll County Sun...

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August 18, 1991

Name: Jacqueline L. Nolf

Honored by The Carroll County Sun for: Being named site manager of the South Carroll Senior Center

Age: 38

Residence; hometown: Eldersburg; Silver Spring, Montgomery County

Education: Attended University of Maryland, College Park, majoring in textiles and clothing, then communications

Family:Husband: Robert J. Nolf, 41, owner of Woodbine Inn; daughters: Melissa, 13, an eighth-grader at Sykesville Middle School, and Megan, 7, asecond-grader at Freedom Elementary School

Activities/hobbies: Co-owner with her husband of Woodbine Inn; community coordinator for the Freedom Area Recreation Council; Cultural Arts Chairman for FreedomElementary and Sykesville middle schools; enjoys reading, needlework, arts and crafts

Accomplishments: Being named site manager of theSouth Carroll Senior Center; helping to bring a family image to Woodbine Inn; working with the Freedom Area Recreation Council and building up its programs; working with the school PTAs; developing a leadership program for Sykesville Middle School students as day camp volunteers

Recipient's comments: "This was an advertised position. They interviewed me, and I understand they considered the programs I started with the rec council in giving me the job. My goals are to bring interesting programs to the center, and increase participation by seniors by offering more and varied programs. I've got to keep the centerrunning from a management viewpoint, but I want to bring in more programs and attract other seniors."

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