U.s. 50-interchange To Open Aug. 21

August 18, 1991

The U.S. 50-Cape St. Claire interchange, northeast of Annapolis, is scheduled to be completely opened by Aug. 21.

The new bridge and cloverleaf system replaces the old intersection controlled by a traffic signal. It is being opened in segments to accommodate nearby businesses and communities.

The Busch's frontage section was opened Aug. 9, and the ramp fromrelocated Cape St. Claire Road to west U.S. 50 was opened Aug. 14.

On Aug. 21 a new ramp opens, connecting east U.S. 50 to the serviceroad providing access to businesses along U.S. 50 from St. Margaret's Road to Sandy Point.

The traffic signal at Cape St. Claire Road and U.S. 50 will be removed and the intersection closed after Aug. 21.

The $13.9 million U.S. 50-Cape St. Claire interchange, built by the Hardaway Co., will eliminate one traffic bottleneck on U.S. 50.

The U.S. 50-Old Mill Bottom Road interchange, under construction, will eliminate the last traffic signal on U.S. 50 from Washington to the U.S. 50-301 split in Queen Anne's County. It is scheduled for completion by Dec. 31.

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