From The Sun Aug. 18-24, 1841Aug. 18: Keep off the...


August 18, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Aug. 18-24, 1841

Aug. 18: Keep off the pavement -- Tapley, Gregory, was arrested yesterday and brought before Justice Bernard, by officer Shaw, charged with running a wheel-barrow on the pavement to the great annoyance of ladies and gentlemen, and fined $1 and costs.

Aug. 23: On the night of the 20th inst., the Eastern and Western districts were undisgraced by a single instance of riot or


From The Sun Aug. 18-24, 1891

Aug. 18: Two new grain elevators of the Northern Central Railway Company will be put into operation Thursday, August 20.

Aug. 20: The inhabitants of the little hamlet of Parsonsburg, in Wicomico County, a few miles east of Salisbury, are wrought up to a high state of excitement over the discovery in their midst of

natural gas.

From The Sun Aug. 18-24, 1941

Aug. 19: No patron of the Riviera ever had more of a thrill than several small children who moved into the Latrobe Homes yesterday and took a bath in a regular bathtub for the first time in

their lives.

Aug. 21: The Duke of Kent, youngest brother of George VI, King of England, will visit the Glenn L. Martin airplane plant in Baltimore next Tuesday.

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