FORGOTTEN FATHERSEditor: . . . this letter is to point out...


August 18, 1991


Editor: . . . this letter is to point out to you what I believe to be a grievous impropriety on your part, assuming that the responsibility is yours as editor of Sun Magazine.

To first let you know where "I'm coming from," I recently underwent a divorce and custody trial for my two children, which were denied to me . . . despite the fact that I virtually raised [them]. . . .

Since my divorce, I find myself . . . part of an entire "subculture" of divorced fathers who have been irreparably wronged . . . by our present legal system, which continues to make life-altering decisions regarding fathers and their rights . . . based upon no more than cliched "images" that seem almost self-perpetuating, due largely to the media in all its forms.

Without having seen your Mother's Day issue of Sun Magazine, I think I'm on pretty safe ground in assuming that your magazine celebrated generously in that annual rite of deification, along with everyone else. And that's OK.

Yet I would like to point out to you that there was not one mention of Father's Day in your Father's Day Sunday issue. In fact, the word "father" appeared nowhere in the entire publication, with the exception of mention in the lottery article regarding the woman whose "father was a drug addict bookmaker. . . ."

The articles you did run on Father's Day included "A Mother, Still," the story of a mother's anguish over a deformed and stillborn birth; "It Could Be You," yet another look at the Lottery Question; and "The Dummkopf Blues -- Or Why It's So Hard to Learn a Foreign Language." Heady stuff regarding the second ** two, and, regarding the first, curious that you could find not one thing of interest with a father's focus on that special day.

Jack Briley



Editor: After reading the review of Danny's restaurant in the Sun Magazine [July 28], I became upset with the entire article. You neglected to mention that this restaurant is under new management. The Danny's I remember was somewhat different.

A lot of caring went into the preparation of every appetizer and entree; and Danny himself would make sure every glass was spotless. Every well-deserved award hung proudly in the foyer. This was the memorable Baltimore establishment.

Maybe your criticism was justified for the present Danny's, but I would like to see the original Danny's be remembered with dignity.

Marcel L. Eagan


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