Ten-year-old charged in city yo-yo robbery Case involves theft of toy at gunpoint

August 17, 1991|By John Rivera S. M. Khalid of The Sun's metropolitan staff contributed to this article.

A 10-year-old boy who was charged in May with robbing another child of a propeller beanie was accused Thursday of taking a yo-yo from an 8-year-old at gunpoint.

According to police, the boy with the yo-yo was walking with a friend along East Oliver Street east of Green Mount Cemetery Thursday afternoon at 5 when the 10-year-old East Baltimore boy came up to him with his hands jammed in his coat pockets.

The 10-year-old pulled out a small-caliber handgun, possibly a .22-caliber revolver, and told the other two to put their hands in the air, police said.

said, 'Boy, you just don't know. Get on your knees,' " Sgt. Anthony Rinaldi of the Eastern District said.

The boy then allegedly took the yo-yo from its owner and ran away. The 8-year-old ran home, and the police were notified.

A short time later, police saw the 10-year-old, whom they recognized from the description given by the yo-yo's owner, walking along the 1400 block of Holbrook Street.

After officers questioned the boy, they arrested him and found the yo-yo in his possession.

The boy, whose name is being withheld because of his age, was charged with armed assault and robbery.

On May 17, Eastern District officers arrested the same boy and charged him with robbing a 9-year-old boy of his beanie in the 1600 block of North Spring Street after allegedly holding a .22-caliber revolver to the boy's head. At that time, police said the boy told them he found the gun outside an abandoned house and that it was not loaded. He admitted to using the gun to rob the boy of his beanie but said he did not intend to hurt him, police said.

Officer Edward Bochniak of the Eastern District said that although the neighborhood where both robberies occurred has a high number of juvenile drug arrests, juvenile arrests for handgun violations are not common.

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