Around the house* Recycle plastic bags that are used for...


August 17, 1991

Around the house

* Recycle plastic bags that are used for produce. Place in empty pop-up tissue box for easy access.

* Old pillow cases make instant garment bags. Simply cut an opening in the center of a seam, and slip the neck of a hanger through the hole.

* Wash ceiling light fixtures that have accumulated summer insects. Make sure light is off and fixture is cool before removing from ceiling. Wash in warm, soapy water. Rinse and dry.

* Keep a used fabric softener sheet on hand near the kitchen window. A quick wipe every time water splashes onto the glass will keep the windows sparkling.

* Use cupboard space above refrigerator more efficiently. Remove cabinet door and install vertical dividers. Place cookie sheets, cutting boards and cookbooks inside where they are easily visible.

* Recycle old rubber gloves. Cut off one of the fingers and clip a corner of the tip away; this makes a quick funnel when you are pouring a liquid into a container with a narrow neck.

In the garden

* Save stalks, leaves and other leftovers from the summer harvest for the compost bin. Compost enriches soil and increases its ability to hold moisture. Do not compost diseased plant matter.

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