Weinglass says he's working to bring baseball or NFL here

August 16, 1991|By Kevin Eck

Although he said he is still interested in ownership of the Baltimore Orioles, Leonard "Boogie" Weinglass said he is "very interested in bringing an NFL franchise back to Baltimore."

"If I can't buy the Orioles, I would love nothing better than to bring an NFL franchise back to Baltimore, which I am in the very initial stages of pursuing, but am very serious about," Weinglass said during last night's Orioles game at Memorial Stadium.

Weinglass, the chairman of Merry-Go-Round Enterprises Inc., which operates a chain of clothing stores, declined to comment on who he has been working with on his NFL venture, just that he was "definitely working with the right people."

Herbert J. Belgrad, chairman of the Maryland Stadium Authority, had confirmed in an Evening Sun story that he had spoken to Weinglass about ownership of either the Orioles or an NFL franchise.

"I have a very strong group coming in with me on the football," Weinglass said. "Not only are we financially stable, but we have great management skills. We are all proven businessman who have run successful businesses."

Concerning his interest in the Orioles, Weinglass said he has nothing new to report.

"You never know when Mr. [Eli] Jacobs wants to sell the team, if he wants to sell the team," Weinglass said. "Mr. Jacobs just seems very laid back about who he's picking for an owner. He's certainly not talking to me, and that's very disturbing, because I have full intentions of pursuing it."

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