Mattingly, Yankees split hairs

August 16, 1991

Don Mattingly was pulled out of the New York Yankees lineup yesterday because he refused to get a haircut.

"He was told to get a haircut before the game," manager Stump Merrill said. "He was told about it two weeks ago, too.

"He asked me if he was in the lineup, and I asked him if he would get his hair cut. He said no, so I told him he would not be in the lineup. Why have rules if you don't enforce them?"

Mattingly, who was fined $250, said the haircut order was coming from general manager Gene Michael and being carried out by Merrill.

"Maybe they want an organization that is full of guys who are puppets," Mattingly said. "Maybe I don't fit into the organization anymore."

Mattingly said he had asked Michael to look into possible trade opportunities in late June and seemed interested in renewing the request.

Merrill said he had told pitcher Pascual Perez and catcher Matt Nokes to cut their hair, too.

Perez said: "This is baloney. Maybe I come to the stadium [tonight] with everything shaved off. Would they like that? I come in bald."

Nokes said: "I've needed a haircut for a week. But who had time with all these doubleheaders? Besides, styles change, and there are a lot of players in the game with long hair."

* ROYALS: Danny Tartabull's agent said the outfielder is seeking substantially more than the $4 million a year figure reported earlier this week.

Agent Dennis Gilbert said $4 million a season would not be enough to get Tartabull, a .330 hitter with 25 home runs and 76 RBI, to re-sign.

* ANGELS: Fernando Valenzuela continued to struggle in his attempt to pitch his way back to the majors, allowing home runs to the first two batters he faced Wednesday night in a Class AAA game.

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