Hot Line That Reports Coliform Levels To End

August 16, 1991|By Staff report

The water quality hot line for citizens will remain operable throughLabor Day, Sept. 2. The phone line will resume next year during Memorial Day weekend when the monitoring program will resume.

The Health Department samples water from area rivers and streams from Memorial Day to Labor Day. Fecal coliform is the indicator used to identify potential health hazards.

Human waste can transmit diseases like polio and hepatitis. It can cause ailments such as earaches and diarrhea.

Since fecal coliform comes from all warm-blooded animals, the presence of this bacteriadoes not necessarily indicate a public health threat. The county, which monitors 66 testing stations, uses the bacteria counts to monitorlong-term water-quality trends.

The water-quality phone line is arecorded message, available 24-hours a day. It is updated weekly andincludes any emergency creek closings.

The number is 222-7999.

The Anne Arundel County Health Department will conclude its summer fecal coliform water monitoring program in early September.

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