D.C. man pleads guilty to Social Security fraud

August 16, 1991

A District of Columbia resident pleaded guilty in Baltimore federal court yesterday to charges of using false names and Social Security numbers to obtain $40,769 in student grants and loans.

Peter S. Andren, 44, used the Social Security number of his dead brother and created two additional aliases -- with false Social Security numbers -- while attending the University of Maryland at College Park and the University of the District of Columbia, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Stuart Berman, who presented the statement of facts.

Andren received the financial aid for academic terms from the fall of 1988 through the fall of 1990.

He obtained $31,939 for attending the University of Maryland and $8,830 for the D.C. school. A portion of the aid was paid directly to the universities to cover tuition costs, and the remainder of the money was sent to him.

Judge William M. Nickerson postponed sentencing pending a presentencing report.

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