Hilda Mae Snoops heads home ZHC

August 16, 1991

Hilda Mae Snoops, the state's official hostess, was released yesterday from Baltimore's Good Samaritan Hospital after three weeks of recuperation following a fall at the governor's mansion July 24.

Gov. William Donald Schaefer, who went to the hospital to pick up his companion, said she was in "great spirits" but "she had some trouble walking." She returned to the governor's mansion, where she has been living.

The governor, who acknowledges that Mrs. Snoops has been ailing for months, will not disclose any details of her medical condition. After Mrs. Snoops' fall, he said she had bruised her back after she tripped on a rug.

That night, she was taken from Annapolis to Baltimore in an Annapolis city ambulance, after the state trooper who heads Mr. Schaefer's security detail asked Mayor Alfred A. Hopkins to allow the trip.

However, that city's policy requires paramedics to take patients to the nearest hospital; an Annapolis city council committee and the city's Ethics Commission are reviewing the failure to follow the rule.

Yesterday, Frank Traynor, Mr. Schaefer's press secretary, said the governor went to Good Samaritan to see Mrs. Snoops and "walked her out" of the hospital.

He said her doctor called Mrs. Snoops, who is a registered nurse, "a remarkable patient.

"She's just a relentless healer."

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