'Talkin' Dirty' manages to live up to its name

Lou Cedrone

August 16, 1991|By Lou Cedrone | Lou Cedrone,Evening Sun Staff

"Talkin' Dirty After Dark" is mostly that. For some 80 minutes, the film, whose direction is much better than its content, descends to the crotch and stays there. It never comes up for air. If this is your kind of humor, then this is the film for you.

The movie, which takes place almost entirely in a comedy club in the Watts section of Los Angeles, begins with one of the characters rising from his bed in a state of arousal. The humor, more or less, remains on that level throughout.

The film, directed by Topper Carew (he also wrote the script), has a number of plots and characters that weave through the club. Carew does a nice job of editing.

One of the plot lines usually ends up in the freezer where one young man is being serviced by an older woman, whose husband owns the club. When she isn't in the freezer, the club owner's wife sashays around the club. Her husband, meanwhile, is trifling with a young lady whose lover is about 8 feet tall and 7 feet wide. When he gets mad, the whole screen shakes. When he tries for a laugh, nothing shakes.

In "Talkin' Dirty," a number of comics work the club audience. According to Carew, the stand-ups are using their own material.

Much of the comics' material is anti-woman. It's the sort of thing Andrew Dice Clay does. In some instances, these guys outdo him.

Martin Lawrence ("House Party") is Terry, the young comic who works at the club; John Witherspoon ("House Party") is Dukie, the club owner; Jedda Jones is Dukie's unfaithful wife; Phyllis Evion Stickney is Aretha, "the diva of comedy"; and Tiny Lister Jr. is Bigg, Aretha's giant-size boyfriend.

There are others in the cast, and in the end, love and goodness triumph, offstage, that is. "Talkin' Dirty" opens at area theaters today. Technically speaking, it is expert. It's humor, however, is questionable.

"Talkin' Dirty After Dark" ** Dirty doings on and off stage at a comedy club.

CAST: Martin Lawrence, John Witherspoon, Jedda Jones, Tiny Lister Jr.

DIRECTOR: Topper Carew

RATING: R (language, sex)

RUNNING TIME: 80 minutes

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