Park won't bear Ruth's name stadium authority official says JHC

August 15, 1991

It's still no-name stadium. But perhaps we're closing in on a signature for the new Baltimore Orioles ballpark under construction at Camden Yards.

The name Babe Ruth Stadium, it appears, has been crossed off the short list.

"The Orioles don't like it, and I've heard the governor say he doesn't like it," said Bruce H. Hoffman, executive director of the Maryland Stadium Authority. "So I guess it's not going to be Babe Ruth."

But that leaves the question: What's it going to be? Hoffman said he doesn't know, but the names Camden Yards and Oriole Park, or some combination of the two -- perhaps Oriole Park at Camden Yards -- are still in the running.

According to the Orioles lease with the stadium authority, the name of the new ballpark is to be selected by the Orioles and the state. But neither Orioles owner Eli Jacobs nor Gov. William Donald Schaefer will discuss their choices.

And Opening Day 1992 looms ever nearer.

"Unless we come up with a name within the next two weeks, it will be difficult to get the graphic work done in time," said Herbert J. Belgrad, the stadium authority's executive director.

"Once you've got the field in place, you don't want to disturb it," he added.

"It becomes much more difficult and much more expensive" to hoist the name onto the facade.

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