City rated 7th safest for car theft fHC

August 15, 1991

People who have had their cars stolen in Charm City most likely won't agree, but a new crime magazine identifies Baltimore as the seventh safest big city in the country when it comes to auto theft.

Every 20 seconds an automobile is stolen in the United States, but the frequency is a lot less in Baltimore, according to a new crime-focused periodical. CrimeBeat Magazine, based in New York, is the nation's first monthly crime newsmagazine.

The magazine noted that 1,071 car thefts were reported in Baltimore per 100,000 people in 1989, seventh lowest ratio in the nation among cities with populations greater than 500,000.

That year, 1,564,960 vehicles were stolen across the nation. Auto theft accounted for half of the $16.45 billion lost in property crimes, the magazine said.

Preliminary FBI statistics for 1990 show that U.S. motor vehicle crime jumped 5 percent from 1989, the magazine said.

According to the publication, Honolulu, Hawaii is the safest U.S. city with 424 car thefts per 100,000.

Rounding out the list for vehicle security among large cities: Nashville, Tenn.; San Jose, Calif.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Las Vegas, Nev.; El Paso, Texas; Baltimore; Seattle; Columbus, Ohio; and San Francisco.

Boston led the country in auto thefts with 2,829 per 100,000, the magazine said.

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