Shootout with officer leaves man wounded

August 15, 1991

Police were looking this morning for a wounded gunman who engaged in a shootout with a uniformed officer shortly after midnight in West Baltimore.

Homicide Detective Rick James said the officer, who was not identified, was investigating a report of a stolen car at Belmont Avenue and Rosedale Street when he heard gunshots. He looked up just as a black Jeep Wrangler, with Maryland license plate 390718M, roared south on Rosedale and screeched to a halt in the intersection. A man jumped out and opened fire on the officer with a 9mm handgun, Detective James said.

The officer returned fire, emptying his gun. He then took cover behind a mailbox, reloaded and continued to shoot.

The gunman fled on foot north on Rosedale Street, leaving a trail of blood, said police at the scene.

The officer was not injured.

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