$21,000,000 winner collects first Lotto check Lothian man quick to get unlisted phone

August 15, 1991|By Sandy Banisky | Sandy Banisky,Annapolis Bureau of The Sun

ANNAPOLIS -- Forget about calling David K. Moreland, the winner of Saturday's record Maryland lotto prize of $21 million, to offer congratulations or investment deals or marriage proposals. One of the first things he did Monday, after confirming his win, was get an unlisted phone number.

And his first big splurge? "We bought two answering machines," Mr. Moreland said. "We needed those."

Yesterday Mr. Moreland, a 33-year-old bachelor who lives in Lothian with his parents, came to Annapolis to collect the first of 20 annual after-tax installments of his winnings: a check for $762,421.23, presented to him by Gov. William Donald Schaefer.

Louis L. Goldstein, Maryland's comptroller, jubilantly noted that 27.5 percent of Mr. Moreland's $1,050,000 annual winnings had already been deducted for state and federal taxes.

"And you're welcome to it," Mr. Moreland said.

An administrator at Martin Marietta Corp. in Glen Burnie, Mr. Moreland said he hasn't gone back to work yet because he's had so many "details" to deal with in his new life.

For instance? "I've got to raise the limit on my credit cards, don't I?" Mr. Moreland said with a large smile.

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