Union, Towson Town Center developer settle dispute over out-of-state labor

August 15, 1991|By Michael K. Burns

A dispute between the Carpenters union and the new Towson Town Center over use of non-union, out-of-state labor by the shopping mall's tenants has apparently been resolved after a brief union boycott campaign.

The union recently distributed handbills in the neighborhood calling for a boycott of the mall because such labor was being hired at cut-rate wages to build interiors.

But Wayne Finley, vice president of development for the Hahn Co., which is developing the 200-plus-store mall, met Tuesday with Carpenters officials and said that he would ask tenants to talk with the unions about using their members.

"I really can't force tenants to do anything. I can only inform them," Mr. Finley said.

Most of the carpenters hired for construction of the mall have been union members, he added. "We've been very pleased with their work," Mr. Finley said.

William C. Halbert, secretary-treasurer of the Carpenters' Baltimore district council, said he was encouraged by Mr. Finley's response. "He was sympathetic to our position -- that people imported by contractors from out of state won't be spending their money in this mall," Mr. Halbert said.

If tenants use contractors who hire non-union labor, they should at least pay prevailing wages and benefits, the union leader said.

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