Just a burger, pleaseSeems that Philadelphia Eagles...

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August 14, 1991

Just a burger, please

Seems that Philadelphia Eagles trainer Otho Davis had an odd food request for the team's executive chef at the start of training camp.

Lamb fries.

You know, lamb fries, that delicacy that is made from, er, lamb testicles. "Some people call them Rocky Mountain Oysters," Davis said. "Lamb fries are just like Chicken McNuggets."

It appears that several players have taken a liking to the "fries," although the chef has been unable to come up with a recipe to prepare the box he has kept frozen throughout camp. That move is apparently in agreement with defensive tackle Mike Golic.

"What did you say they were?" Golic asked. When told, he cringed and replied, "I hope he keeps them in the freezer."

The quote

Orlando Sentinel columnist George Diaz, after several stubborn colleagues initially stood firm in not moving from a "press row" at a Pan Am Games bowling event that had been reserved for top Cuban officials, including Fidel Castro: "Guys, we're about 15 seconds away from becoming monuments."

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