Praise For Odenton

Readers write

August 14, 1991

From: Lee Hopper Lague,

Leslie Coker

Odenton School

Four years ago, Barbara San Gabino came to her new school and staff with this mission: that everyone associated withOdenton School would so enjoy their time there that they couldn't wait to get back.

On the eve of our move into our state-of-the-art, renovated building, we would like to renew our commitment to our students, our principal and each other. We really do love to go to Odenton School.

Editor's note: The letter was signed by nine other teachers at Odenton School.


From: Nine members of the Lloyd Keaser Head Start Parent Body

We the parents of the Lloyd Keaser Head Start PTA would like to introduce ourselves to you. Head Start is a comprehensive early childhood program for income-eligible preschoolers and their families. The purpose of the program is toprepare our children for the future by exposing them to experiences that strengthen them in all aspects of their development. Anne Arundel County Economic Opportunity Committee Inc. Head Start has been given money to expand by 67 children into the Pumphrey, Linthicum, Glen Burnie and Brooklyn Park areas.

We cannot express enough the importance of this program and what it has done for our children in just a short period through their home-based programming. We have seen demonstrated growth in the following areas:

1. Acceptance of themselvesand others.

2. Becoming more responsible.

3. Becoming confident and independent.

4. Learning the importance of following a structured lifestyle.

5. Having fun while learning.

6. Strengtheningtheir socialskills such as the development of values and morals, personal hygiene, nutrition, etc.

Head Start is more than child-centered. The Head Start staff has taken what we as parents have given ourchildren foundationally and are strengthening our confidence as our child's "first" teacher. These skills we can use to encourage our children to perform at their maximum potentials.

We as parents, too, can grow and develop by setting goals and becoming established withinthe community through Head Start's Social Service and Parent Involvement components and through career development opportunities.


From: Patricia E. Hudson

Executive Director

Providence Employment Services

Providence Center would like to thank the following Anne Arundel County businesses for participating in their supported employmentprogram: 7-Eleven/Cape St. Claire, Cypress Creek Marina, Davis' Pub, Dry Dock Restaurant-U.S.N.A., Hardee's, Homestyle Family Buffet, and Paul's on the South River.

Supported employment provides support such as assistive technology, skill training and counseling that people with developmental disabilities sometimes need to meet the requirements ofthe business community as good employees.

This support, provided free of charge to the employer, focuses on employee productivity and employer satisfaction.

Companiesinterested in information on the benefits of hiring a developmentally disabled worker are encouraged to contact Jeanette Murphy at 647-8334.

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