Ralph W. Zwicker, 88, a retired Army major general who...

Deaths elsewhere

August 14, 1991

Ralph W. Zwicker, 88, a retired Army major general who figured in the Army-McCarthy hearings in 1953,died Friday at a Washington nursing home of a heart ailment. He was commander of Camp Kilmer, N.J., when the late Sen. Joseph McCarthy, R-Wis., accused him of being unfit because of the way he handled the honorable discharge of a major who had taken the Fifth Amendment before the McCarthy committee when asked if he had ever been a communist. The Army closed ranks behind General Zwicker.

Yeruham Cohen, 75, an early Israeli undercover soldier and one of the only Israelis to meet Egyptian President Gamal Abdul Nasser, died in Jerusalem Monday. He was a top aide to the commander of Israel's underground forces during the 1948 Independence War. He also belonged to a unit whose members disguised themselves as Arabs to infiltrate enemy lines. He is most famous for his acquaintance with Mr. Nasser, before the Egyptian became one of the most virulent anti-Israeli Arab leaders in the 1950s and 1960s.

Larry Kane, 61, an award-winning designer of men's fashions, died of a brain tumor Aug. 6 at his home in New York. He was a child actor and then an assistant talent agent with MCA Inc. before serving in the Army in Korea. In 1969, he established Raffles Wear, a division of Kayser-Roth. He designed sports coats, leisure suits, shirts, pants, sweaters and outerwear, and within six years the company had annual sales of about $8 million. In 1971, he won the Coty Award for fashion excellence. He founded Larry Kane Inc. in 1974 and retired in 1977.

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