Ramsay-HMO"Miami-based Ramsay-HMO (RHMO, OTC, around $6...


August 14, 1991|By Opinions on stocks offered by investment experts. Compiled by Steve Halpern for Knight Ridder.


"Miami-based Ramsay-HMO (RHMO, OTC, around $6) operates a prepaid health plan targeting the Cuban community, as well as Medicare beneficiaries in the greater Miami and Fort Lauderdale markets," says O. Michael Gray of Southeast Research Partners.

"From the verge of bankruptcy only a few years ago, the company has emerged as a strong player in its industry, with healthy earnings growth and outstanding cash flow. We strongly recommend aggressive accumulation of these shares . . . "

First Florida Banks

"First Florida Banks (FFBK, OTC, around $15) has been added to our long-term model portfolio," says Michael Burke, of Invetors Intelligence, New Rochelle, N.Y.

"The stock's technical relative strength chart has issued a buy signal.

"Meanwhile, the stock is trading well below book value, which is currently $24.50 per share. We also note that insiders have been buying these shares. We recommend purchase at current levels.

"Upside potential, we believe, is at least 50 percent."

MHI Group

"Historically, the recession-resistant funeral service industry produces over $7 billion in revenues annually. Realizing that the industry provided an excellent opportunity for growth, Mobile Home Industries (MH, NYSE, around $1) acquired its first funeral home and cemetery in 1987 under new leadership and management of the reorganized MHI Group," explains The Kon-Lin Letter of Rocky Point, N.Y.

"For fiscal 1991, revenues rose 27 percent to $13 million. We would continue to use weakness to purchase this undervalued growth situation."

Harris Corp.

"We have been, for the last six months, building up our capital goods area, and we have added Harris Corp. (HRS, NYSE, around $24) in that category. Harris Corp. is sort of a fallen electronics company, says James Stratton of Stratton Management, Winter Park, Fla.

"Last year, its earnings tumbled and the stock fell into the mid-teens, stabilized and right now has an attractive yield. It is not often you can buy an electronics company with a high yield, and we think this will be an interesting turnaround situation . . . "

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