2 sea trout tip scales at tourney

August 13, 1991|By Bill Burton

A pair of hefty sea trout won $5,200 for Lloyd Bloodsworth of Princess Anne in the fifth annual $15,000 Crisfield Pro/Am Fishing Tournament. His 5.81-pound was worth $4,500 as th biggest trout in the two-day contest, and another of 5.29 pounds took $700 as the biggest of the species checked in on Sunday.

Jim Dawson of Monkton won $1,500 for the best bluefish, a 4.45-pounder, and he took another $700 for the best blue on Saturday, a 3.80-pounder. Bob Ford of Princess Anne took a 4.10-pound flounder worth $1,500. Other winners follow:

Saturday: Michael Cooper, trout, 5.55 pounds, $700; Charles Corio, 3-pound flounder, $700. Sunday: Wally Knox, 3.74-pound blue, $700; William Parsens, 2.76-pound flounder, $700.

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