Kiam is facing another crisis PRO FOOTBALL

August 13, 1991|By Boston Globe

BOSTON -- Victor Kiam is facing another crisis with the New England Patriots. It could cost the beleaguered Patriots owner control of the team.

The Boston Globe has learned that minority owner Fran Murray has asked Kiam to buy out Murray's 49 percent interest before Oct. 15. By contractual arrangement, made in October 1988 when Kiam and Murray purchased the team from Bill Sullivan, Kiam must answer Murray's financial call or turn over control of the team to Murray.

To meet the call, Kiam would have to pay Murray from $38 million to $40 million.

Kiam, who did not want to discuss the matter at this time, has told friends and other owners in the league that he will be able to "handle" Murray's call. He told another, "I got it covered."

The Patriots are deep in debt and already beyond the National Football League limit, which has been set at $35 million. However, at a league meeting earlier this year, Kiam received permission to extend the Patriots' debt limit an additional $10 million to $45 million.

Murray wants to make a fresh start in St. Louis, where he would help head a group seeking an NFL expansion franchise.

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