Northeast's Grimm Being Considered For His Former Post

Fired Athletic Director Interviewed By School's Principal

August 13, 1991|By Lem Satterfield | Lem Satterfield,Staff writer

Northeast High principal Joseph Carducci Jr. began interviews for the school's vacant athletic director's position yesterday and his first candidate was the same man he fired in late May.

"I thought it was a good interview -- he had some good questions and I had some goodanswers," said Bob Grimm, who had been the school's athletic director for 15 years before receiving an unsatisfactory evaluation from Carducci last spring.

Carducci, who replaced Joseph Cardamone as principal on Feb. 1, cited philosophical differences between he and Grimm, as well as insubordination, as reasons for the dismissal.

Assistant athletic director Bart Rader also was relieved of his duties. On May 29, Rader discovered through a reporter that he was not being retained and said he would not reapply for the job, "not after being treated this way."

Rader and Carducci could not be reached for comment, but Grimm said,"When I was walking out, (Rader) was walking in, so I guess he was being interviewed also."

Carducci's actions touched off community unrest in Pasadena and he was subsequently the subject of a student protest. Parents later formed a committee and attended two school boardmeetings, unsuccessfully lobbying for Carducci's removal.

Thursday is the first day of fall practices and vice principal Will Myers said Carducci "began interviewing candidates (yesterday morning)" for the vacant positions.

"To my knowledge, there has been at least twointerviews -- one for the job of athletic director and one for the assistant athletic director's job," said Myers, appointed by Carducci as the school's "athletic contact" until a replacement is found.

"I'm not the athletic director -- that job is a completely different thing," said Myers, who is entering his third year as vice princi

pal. "What I'm doing now is acting as the athletic department's contact person, just helping to coordinate the coaches' getting their seasons under way."

Grimm returns this fall as a social studies teacher. Rader, an English teacher, is returning for his ninth season as theschool's football coach.

"My understanding is that (Grimm) is still being considered for the position just like any other candidate," said Myers.

Grimm said, "There are times when I hope that I'll be back (as athletic director) and there are times when I'm not so sure.I guess a lot depends on how quickly (Carducci) decides."

Staff writer Roch Eric Kubatko contributed to this story.

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