City voter registration lags over four years ago

August 13, 1991

Voter registration surged slightly in the past few weeks, but there will be far fewer Baltimoreans eligible to cast votes in the Sept. 12 primary than four years ago.

Registration closed last night for the primary. Final numbers will not be ready for at least a week, but as of Aug. 3, the city had 320,922 registered voters. Included in that number are 278,193 Democrats and 30,207 Republicans. The remaining registrants are independents or members of minor parties.

Those numbers are a far cry from the 392,817 voters who were registered for the 1987 primary. That year, about 46 percent of the electorate voted.

"There has been a slight pick-up in the number of new registrants recently, but nothing major," said Barbara Jackson, the city's elections supervisor.

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