This year, uniform is perfect fitDanny Reed is a 6-foot-7...

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August 12, 1991

This year, uniform is perfect fit

Danny Reed is a 6-foot-7, 400-pound nose guard, but he played only one football game for Poca (W.Va) High last year because of equipment problems. The Poca Dots went 0-10.

He said the helmet was so tight he had trouble thinking. But this year, he said: "My equipment fits better. My helmet's not nearly as tight."

But to get it off, he needs his brother to unscrew and remove the face mask and spread the helmet apart.

Reed also wears his brother Mel's reconditioned shoulder pads, the largest size made. His pants are XXLs. And he wears size 18 basketball high tops until his size 19 EEE cleats arrive.

The quote

Agent Dick Moss, after negotiating a new contract for 44-year-old Nolan Ryan of baseball's Texas Rangers: "He told me he thinks this is the last contract I have to do for him. He's told me this six times before."

Hey, guys, this is the '90s

About three weeks after Ashleigh Demulder entered the Northern Alberta Left-Handers Golf Association tournament in Edmonton, Alberta, the association told her "I couldn't play because I was a woman." The association gave in after the controversy became public, and she played in the July 17 tournament.

During the banquet for the 120 competitors, association president Andy Patton called for a show of hands on whether to make the 42-year-old tournament a mixed or men-only event.

While Demulder sat stunned, a shouting matching erupted laced with obscenities.

"It turned pretty ugly," the 24-year-old accountant said. "I didn't know what to feel like, that in this day and age people are still old-fashioned -- like the Dark Ages."

Said Sid Kinasiewich, who was shouted down during the argument: "Ashleigh was in tears, and all these uptight insecure guys were standing up there making idiots of themselves." He later resigned from the association executive board. With 60 abstaining, the association voted 39-21 to keep its tournament for men only.

After the tournament, four of seven association directors resigned, and Belvedere Golf Club said it never would hold the tournament again.

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