Favorite cartoonist, KAL, speculated a few...


August 12, 1991

AFTER OUR favorite cartoonist, KAL, speculated a few months ago about the limberness of Texas Sen. Lloyd Bentsen's presidential aspirations for 1992 (see accompanying illustration), the senator wrote a letter to our artist.

In the letter, Senator Bentsen asked for the cartoon to hang on his wall. He attributed his interest in the cartoon "to a love of art." KAL rebutted: Surely the senator's admiration for the cartoon was due to its accuracy. His request for the original was tantamount to announcing his candidacy, claimed KAL.

But then he told KAL the real story:

"I know better than to try to keep a secret from the press. . . I want you to know that I am considering a new career making endorsements for running shoes, and I figured that your picture would help me in soliciting a contract."

Unfortunately, for the senator, Nike spokesmen Spike Lee and Michael Jordan may prove stiffer competition than George Bush.

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