Game's not the same without George, Pete and Bart

August 11, 1991|By Robert Lipsyte | Robert Lipsyte,New York Times

Call it a slow-mo revelation, but I have finally figured out why I am having such trouble getting into baseball in the '90s. I miss George and Pete and Bart.

perfect commissioner, a charming, eccentric, rumpled conservative who would be a steward for the owners. But had he lived longer, Giamatti would have defied them in some meaningful way; he would have tried to teach them their place in the cosmos.

Saving the image of the game -- he fired Dave Pallone basically for being gay -- was his job, but as a man who saw himself as the Socrates of sport, that public-relations function would have eventually rubbed up against his higher conceits. The owners would have fed him the hemlock in a hot dog.

I am not saying that the game is lost without them, or even necessarily in mortal danger. Or that I want them to return. Just that it's August, and I'm not really engaged in this season, and I miss them.

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