Survey Responses

August 11, 1991

Editor's note: The following letters are reader responses to the question, "How do we build better schools?" which we asked in the Aug. 14 edition of the Harford County Sun.


From: Marybeth Cooley


I live in an area that needsschools. My children have been in overcrowded classrooms. There are no alternatives to building.

I guess County Executive Eileen Rehrmann doesn't have much faith in the Board of Education's ability to determine what is needed to properly educate Harford County's children -- the board that meets and deals with the school administrators, educators, parents, and students. If the Board of Education can't outline the educational needs of our children, who does she think can do itbetter?

Instead of wasting time on a commission to find alternatives to building 15 new schools, Rehrmann should appoint a committee to find funding alternatives for the 15 new schools that are needed.


From: Carl Lochary

Bel Air

One solution for a school site is right in the heart of the town of Bel Air, namely that great brick monster that looks like Memorial Stadium called the parking garage.

Modify the unused portion (50 percent) into class spaces -- and teachers have plenty of parking.


From: Doris Ranneberger

Bel Air

Redistricting, as planned, isa necessary step. Was a double shift ruled out?

California, in places, uses a year-round system -- three months on, one month off -- which seems to be working satisfactorily. Parents, as always, objected, but are adjusting.

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