Lehigh Bond Approved


August 11, 1991

The Board of County Commissioners adopted a bond agreement with Lehigh Portland Cement Co. Thursday that satisfied a New Windsor citizensgroup and upset the company's lawyer.

The agreement, which will allow Lehigh to begin work at its new quarry site just south of New Windsor, says work will be restricted to a 66-acre area at the south end of the site.

Lehigh, which has a plant and quarry in Union Bridge, owns 750 acres between Route 31 and Old New Windsor Road, about two miles southwest of New Windsor.

It has state approval to begin work on 186 acres, which will include a 66-acre quarry, but the company wants to expand the mining operation to about 300 acres, including a 132-acre pit.

The bond agreement ensures that the land outside the initial mining area will be subject to zoning regulations included in a comprehensive mining plan to be adopted later this year.

Lehigh attorney William B. Dulany said he was concerned the company could be giving upsome of its rights to mine its land by signing the agreement.

David Duree of the New Windsor Community Action Project said the agreement protects residents.

The agreement says Lehigh will post a $1,165,000 bond.

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