Veterinarian's A Treasure


August 11, 1991

From: Richard Williamson


Editor's note: The following letter is addressed to David F. Fancher, DVM, of the Arnold Veterinary Hospital.

This letter is to express my sincere gratitude for all of the assistance I received by Dr.Susan Wishner. While on my way to an appointment (recently), I encountered a small kitten that had recently been struck by an automobile at Arnold Road and Ritchie Highway. Many motorists continued to ignore this poor defenseless animal and just drove by while some people even had the nerve to run over it again!

When I finally reached the kitten, it was in very bad condition. Fortunately, I brought it to your office and immediately was greeted by Dr. Wishner. Her sincere concern for the animal's welfare was wonderful, and very much appreciated after so many others had ignored and neglected this poor kitten. Later that day, Dr. Wishner phoned to inform me that she was sorry, butwas unable to save the kitten. Although this was not the news I was awaiting to hear, I was once again impressed with her efforts and atti tude in informing me about the animal's condition. Her reward was nothing; she never asked for anything or received any financial compensation for all of her efforts.

I would like to extend my personal gratitude to your hospital, and I hope the citizens of Anne Arundel County who have pets are aware of the quality care and attention givento an animal who is seen at your facility.

In my opinion, your organization is tops and Dr. Susan Wishner is a rare treasure. Thank you.


From: Sharon Squire

North Linthicum

This letter is in response to the article ("Linthicum lobbies forrailroute") written by your staff writer, Elise Armacost, in the Anne Arundel County Sun on July 16.

I do not know where the reporter gets the idea that residents and civic leaders in North Linthicum arein favor of the "newly discovered" light rail extension that would run behind the homes along Nursery Road. If you had a reporter at the evening public hearing on June 25 at the BWI Marriott Hotel, you would have heard testimony that North Linthicum does not want the light rail running along Nursery Road.

I agree that the light rail must serve the people who are going to ride it, but not at the cost of the whole community. North Linthicum already has two sides enclosed by a main light-rail line. Why would we be in favor of having the third side of our community enclosed by light rail?

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