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August 11, 1991

WESTERN MARYLAND — West Virginia agrees with Md. fish advisory

West Virginia's recent decision to lift a ban on consuming certain fish due to dioxin contamination brings its advisory in line with Maryland's, the Maryland Department of the Environment said.

The ban was on all fish except the brown bullhead catfish caught in the Potomac from the north branch at Piedmont, W.Va., to where the Cacapon River joins it, West Virginia Department of Natural Resources spokesman Brian Farkas said last week.

The fish were contaminated by dioxin released from the Westvaco paper mill at Luke.

Maryland is urging people to avoid bottom-feeding fish, especially channel catfish and bullheads, limit consumption to 14 meals a year, and trim fat from the fish before eating.

Police chief to increase foot patrols in district


District of Columbia Police Chief Isaac Fulwood Jr. last week ** allocated more officers for new foot patrols in three police districts.

The officers who will enhance the police presence in the 4th, 5th and 7th districts have been on administrative duty. The new assignments made Tuesday will be used to augment existing foot patrols.

Under the new proposal, administrators from the department's four bureaus and the Office of the General Counsel with ranks of captain and below will be assigned to walk the streets one day a week.

Police officials declined to say how many people are involved in the redeployment. No overtime costs are anticipated, officials said.

Chief Fulwood says he and Mayor Sharon Pratt Dixon are "continuing to discuss and find means and ways of improving the quality of life for, and the delivery of police services to, the people."

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