From The Sun Aug. 11-17, 1841Aug. 11: The Emperor of...


August 11, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun Aug. 11-17, 1841

Aug. 11: The Emperor of Russia has assumed the title of "Defender of the Christians of the East." We trust he will make it good by his conduct.

Aug. 16: Females are said to be greatly needed in the factories at Newport, R.I. Wages two or three dollars per week.

From The Sun Aug. 11-17, 1891

Aug. 11: Both branches of the City Council met yesterday afternoon in a special session to consider the proposition to widen West Lexington Street west from the intersection of that street with North Charles Street.

Aug. 14: The babies of the parks. How they came toddling or trundling every summer day into the many green breathing places of city of Baltimore. With the first light of day the parks begin to fill.

From The Sun Aug. 11-17, 1941

Aug. 13: A proposal to use the two city iceboats, the Latrobe and Annapolis, in a ferry service from Canton to Fairfield for the convenience of shipyard employes was referred yesterday to George Cobb, chief engineer for Baltimore, by the Board of Estimates.

Aug. 17: The public must make far greater voluntary sacrifices in its consumption of gasoline than it has thus far, if it hopes to avoid a "far reaching rationing system which might have an even more serious effect upon business and industry," Governor O'Conor declared in a statement yesterday.

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