The Primitive Touch


August 11, 1991|By Yolanda Garfield

These may be modern times but some of us still yearn fo paradise lost, for the simplicity of Tarzan and Jane. Furniture and accessory designers, ever sensitive to the demands of the public, are turning out numerous objects inspired by primitive design. The South American and African influence, called primitive by admirers, is appearing in many showrooms featuring contemporary home accessories.

As illustrated by this imposing wool-and-jute wall hanging, colors are clear and bold. Designs are hybrids -- stylized versions of much older, classically primitive or naive forms. All have in common the use of natural materials, as illustrated by the zebra-wood table and the fossil-stone drum table. Boxes are wrapped with brightly colored snakeskin, ceramic pots are glazed in imaginative animal-skin patterns.

As modern interpretations of primitive themes, such accessories spark any interior with drama because of their subliminal recall of the wild. Accessories pictured are available at Louis Mazor Inc.

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