How stressful can travel be?

August 11, 1991|By Dallas Morning News

The good news is that just 5 percent of business travelers surveyed by Homewood Suites Inc. find business travel very stressful. On the other hand, 68 percent find it at least moderately stressful.

That's the kind of thing that Homewood Suites, a Memphis-based chain of extended-stay hotels, wants to know.

In a survey of up to 504 business travelers staying in the company's 19 hotels, Homewood Suites learned some telling -- but not surprising -- things about what stresses out business travelers.

New York City, for example. With 43 percent of the votes, it won by a landslide as the most stressful city to visit for business purposes.

Second and far behind with 12 percent was Chicago, followed by Los Angeles with 11 percent, and Boston, Washington and Detroit with 5 percent.

Fifty-six percent said flight delays and cancellations really raised their blood pressure. Fifty percent just hate being away from home, and 30 percent dislike having their routine messed around.

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