Grace Period Announced

August 09, 1991

Recreational boaters who were technically required to obtain a new federal boat user-fee tax decal by July 31 but who have not yet purchased one will find the Coast Guard's enforcement policy has some slack.

The Coast Guard has designated the month of August as a "grace period," so that boaters stopped by the Coast Guard will not be issueda summons but instead will be given information on purchasing a user-fee tax decal.

The Cosst Guard has the authority to levy fines up to $5,000 for non-compliance and will begin "normal enforcement procedures" Oct. 1.

The annual charge for the boat user-fee tax is: $25 for boats larger than 16 feet but less than 20 feet; $35 for boats larger than 20 feet but less than 27 feet; $50 for boats larger than 27 feet but less than 40 feet; and $100 for boats over 40 feet.

Information: 800-368-5647.

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