Burns, in TV ads, touts registration

August 09, 1991|By Michael A. Fletcher So: Evening Sun Staff

Eager to dispel any notion that his mayoral campaign i foundering, Clarence H. Du Burns is featured in a series of television ads reminding people that Monday is the last day to register to vote in the Sept. 12 primary.

The ads are aimed at raising the profile of the Burns campaign as much as they are aimed at raising voter turnout. Burns, a Democrat, said one of the ads began airing yesterday and will have been shown 31 times by Monday.

"Is this something that a candidate with no money can do?" Burns said.

Burns campaign officials say the ad is the first in a series that will build toward the final week of the primary campaign.

"We are trying to make the most [of it] with very, very limited campaign contribution dollars," said one campaign official.

Burns officials said the 30-second ads feature the former mayor telling people that voting gives them an opportunity to help shape city government.

Burns also tells people that the voting registration books close Aug. 12 and that they can register to vote at the city's Board of Elections or at Burns' campaign headquarters, 920 Cathedral St.

Burns said the spots are running on Channels 2, 13 and 54.

"We want to be out there right now in all forms of the media, but this stuff costs a lot," a campaign official said.

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