Health woes hurt Dallas' MSL bid

August 08, 1991|By Nestor Aparicio | Nestor Aparicio,Evening Sun Staff

The shaky health of the Major Soccer League has become more than just a phrase with word that not one but two possible Dallas investors have had to withdraw due to heart problems.

MSL commissioner Earl Foreman last night said the reason the Dallas delegation is taking so long to find a key investor is because its former main investor had a heart attack Thursday night.

"I'm not releasing any names, but let's just say that his physical health has made it impossible for him to go ahead," Foreman said.

Gordon Jago, who is the president of the former Dallas Sidekicks, refused comment last night about any developments in Dallas and has refused all press since Monday.

The future of the MSL lies in the balance. If Jago doesn't find investors to provide a $350,000 letter of credit plus about $100,000 in start-up cash by the owners' 1 p.m. conference call on Monday, Foreman said the league will fold.

On the Blast front, goalie Scott Manning was informed by a friend yesterday afternoon about the team's decision to not renew his contract, according to The Sun.

The nine-year veteran was in Gettysburg, Pa., helping a friend with a soccer clinic when a Baltimore friend gave him the information.

"You kind of think that after nine years whether you've been good, bad or indifferent you could expect a telephone call saying 'Goodbye, good luck or whatever,' " Manning told The Sun.

Although Manning claimed that his agent Ron Blavatt also was not informed, Blavatt told The Evening Sun Tuesday night that general manager John Borozzi informed him on Monday about the team's decision.

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