Pasadena Woman, 70, Is Raped By Intruder

Man Forces Open Back Door Of Victim's Home

August 08, 1991|By Kris Antonelli | Kris Antonelli,Staff writer

A 70-year-old Pasadena woman was raped early Tuesday morning by a man who broke into her Catherine Avenue home, state police said.

Trooper Michael Grant said the rapist pried open the back door of the woman's home about 4:15 a.m.

"She heard some creaking sounds, and they just kept getting louder," Grant said. "She woke up and saw a man standing next to her bed."

Grant said the rapist did not beat the woman, but stayed in her home for about 20 minutes.

"She asked him why he was doing this to her," he said. "He said he had just been released from 'camp.' "

Grant said the assailant might have been released recently from prisonand might have targeted the woman for the attack because he knew shelived alone.

"If he had intended to steal anything, he had plentyof time to do so," he said.

The rapist told the woman he would bereturning to her home, Grant said.

"Imagine the horror of having that said to you after you had been raped," he said. "Yesterday (Tuesday) she impressed me as a very brave soul."

The woman looked up the phone number for state police shortly after the rape, he said. Normally county police would handle rape complaints, but Grant said the woman was afraid to dial 911 because she did not want her neighbors to see marked police cars in front of her home.

Grant said she asked for an unmarked state police cruiser.

Investigators found a piece of cloth that the attacker apparently dropped after he left the house, Grant said. Investigators used a police bloodhound to track the scent, but the trail ended in front of a shed in a neighbor's home.

Investigators interviewed about 100 people in the neighborhood and came up with a possible suspect. Grant said there is not enough evidence to charge the man and that police are testing the man's blood type.

Police have also distributed fliers to homes and neighboring businesses describing the attacker as a white man, about 30, with dark hair. He was about 6 feet tall and weighed about 200 pounds.

Metro Crime Stoppers is offering a reward for any information leading to the rapist. Anyone with any information should call Grant at 761-5130. All names and information will be kept confidential.

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